About Us

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Chappell insurance agency started in the mid 1920’s with founder Carl Chappell. Carl Chappell laid the foundation for his insurance business in Elkin, NC.  Carl, his wife Hattie Greenwood Chappell and his son Ed Chappell started to see the fruits of their labor as the business started to thrive.  In 1965 Chappell Insurance was incorporated.

After the passing of his father, Ed Chappell owned and operated the business until the early 1990’s when he was approached by Effie Marion and Wade Wilmoth to purchase the agency.  Effie Marion and Wade Wilmoth bought the agency from Ed. Wade Wilmoth sold his share of the agency to Tom Koch in the mid 1990’s. At this same time an independent agency in Dobson owned and operated by Luther Chappell was purchased by Effie Marion and Tom Koch.  This started the operation of the Dobson location of Chappell Insurance.  Soon after the purchase of the Luther Chappell Agency, Jim Hewitt and Ruby East bought in as partners with Effie Marion and Tom Koch. These four partners owned and operated the business until they decided to hire a producer in 1998. Effie Marion approached Keith Wilmoth who was an agent with Farm Bureau Insurance at the time, and Keith was hired and bought in as an owner in 1998.  Ruby East decided to retire in 2001 and started to work 2 to 3 days per week.  In the spring of 2003, Beverly Johnson, an agent with Farm Bureau and former co-worker of Keith Wilmoth, was hired and bought Ruby’s share of the business.

In mid 2006 Keith Wilmoth and Beverly Johnson had the opportunity to purchase the agency from Effie, Tom and Jim.  Since the buyout in 2006 Keith and Beverly have made many changes to continue the growth and profitability of Chappell Insurance.  These changes range from increasing office technology to contracting with two major commercial insurance carriers.

Keith and Beverly’s vision for the future of Chappell Insurance is to maintain the personal service that has been the backbone of Chappell Insurance, while continuing to move Chappell into the future by providing their clients with the technology and competitive pricing that they deserve.

With Keith and Beverly and their dedicated staff and CSR’s they will continue to be a part of these communities for many years to come.